We found the perfect heavy-duty protective cover for our Vespa! May 6, 2016 13:23

We had the chance to try out this Vespa cover and we love it! So we wanted to share it with you and be able to offer it to you. 

The best part about it was that we were able to order a cover for ANY type of scooter. We specified the exact brand and size and whether we had a windscreen or a trunk (or both). So we knew the fit would be perfect! 

This cover protects from rain, snow, sleet, mud, and dust. It is a heavy duty and intended for protection for long periods of time. There are other lightweight covers that are intended to be taken with you and to take in your trunk. This is not this cover.

This cover comes in a variety of sizes for every type of Vespa (and other scooters). It provides protection against all the elements including rain, snow, wind, UV/sun rays, as well as dirt and dust. It has a top-rated, durable exterior with soft fleece lining on interior.


In our case, we ordered a cover for a Vespa LX 150cc, without a windscreen or trunk mounted on it. Having these kinds of accessories of course matter.

The product arrived promptly, and the package weighed about 3 lbs.

We tested the product for a few weeks and here is our review:


Package: folds into a cube that’s easy enough to carry. About 3 lbs.

Coverage: Was very easy to open and cover. It covered the Vespa perfectly.

Material: heavy and waterproof


Performance: The cover kept the Vespa pretty dry even in the harshest weather (heavy snow). Two thumbs up!   We also used it in a parking garage when we were away for a month, and it protected perfectly from dust and dirt. 



A great product for a good price. We love how perfectly it covers the scooter and are very satisfied with the performance. Highly recommended!

If you want to protect your scooter, this is a perfect solution. Either from the weather or from dust in storage. The cube you see in the photos is the smallest the covers folds to, so this is not a cover to take with you, but instead a heavy cover to perfectly protect from the elements.

We loved this cover so much, we decided to offer it for sale on our website.

Covers are available for all sorts of scooters (as well as motorcycles): Vespa, Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia, Beta, BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki and many more.

Shipping is available to USA locations ONLY.

If you are interested in purchasing such a cover, feel free to email us directly

Please specify the following to make sure the cover will fit:

  1. Type of scooter (brand/maker)
  2. Year it was made
  3. Exact size (cc)
  4. Does it have accessories like windshield or rear box?
  5. Intended use of the cover? (Do you need a heavy duty one for long term or do you prefer a lightweight one that's portable and can be taken with the scooter - because we can provide those kind as well). 

Feel free to contact us, ask questions, or make comments below. 

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